We recently celebrated our 30th Anniversary at Pregnancy Resources at Cornerstone during our Annual Fundraising Gala. It was a great night of sharing testimonies, looking back over the past 30 years and celebrating all of the programs and services we’ve been able to provide to our Lancaster and Chester County Communities as we look forward to the future. We wanted to extend our thanks to everyone who came to show their support as well as anyone who blessed us financially – big or small. It was a pleasure to dine with like-minded people and share a laugh over our guest comedian. Included are some photos from our night at the Gala – enjoy!

In addition to the Gala, we were a proud participant of this year’s ExtraGive, a community-wide celebration of giving. Our supporters, generous people just like you, raised over $12,000. Wow! Everyone here at Pregnancy Resources at Cornerstone would like to say THANK YOU so much for your donations. Our clients will be blessed tremendously by your financial gift. Here’s how your donations and continued support help enhance Pregnancy Resources at Cornerstone:


Introducing Life

The Gospel remains at the core of who we are. The staff and volunteers at Pregnancy Resources at Cornerstone all know that the life change and hope we strive to bring can come only through Jesus. We aim to introduce each individual to a personal relationship with a forgiving, loving, faithful Father. Evangelism is a critical part of our mission, as the call to honor life comes from the Author of Life Himself.


Saving More Lives

Geographic expansion into new communities. Through creative partnerships and personnel expansions, we continue to grow! Donations allow us to balance the need for expansion of our services with financial responsibility. We aim to bring in additional staff, while limiting overhead costs such as office space expenses. By networking with like-minded ministries that offer compatible services, we can help more women and families in crisis. Our targeted areas include locations both northeast and south of our current primary and satellite facilities.


Changing Lives

Training mentors to reinforce long-term life change. We believe that the heart of the efforts to honor life belongs to the local church. Our dream is to operate a training center that raises up and equips mentors for and within the local church. These mentors would take over the role of educating and mentoring women, once they graduate from our two-year program. Steady, stable relationships with mature Christians are what will enable a young woman, man, or family to continue the new path they’ve established and not revert to old patterns. With the loving support of a church, personal mentors and advocates to give a sense of connection, a young mother can continue to make healthy choices for her life and her child’s life.


Enhancing Lives

Addressing life before and beyond crisis pregnancies. As we continue to grow, we believe community awareness of our organization and our services will grow. Our goals to enhance the lives of children and families in our community include:

  • Post-Abortion Counseling: Our caring, confidential counseling services address the needs of women struggling with the issue in a Christ-centered way. We dream of operating a post-abortion support group within local churches.
  • Sexual Risk Avoidance & Sexual Health: Through education, unexpected pregnancies can be prevented. Although schools and many parents assume kids will have sex, Cornerstone wants to empower young people to make decisions that honor God as well as their own bodies.
  • Male Mentoring to Address Fatherlessness: In Lancaster County alone, over 24% of children are raised in single family homes – the adult male role model is missing. By mentoring young men to become role models for their children, we aim to combat fatherlessness for current and future generations.

We’re in the season for giving and receiving. As we continue to receive, we would just like to remind our community and potential clients what we’re capable of giving to YOU as we prepare for a new year of educating and empowering individuals to embrace life-honoring choices.


How can Cornerstone help?

Here at Cornerstone, our life-changing, life-saving services include medical, educational, and counseling resources which include:

  • Clinical Pregnancy Testing
  • Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound Scans
  • Prenatal Health & Birthing Classes
  • Sexual Integrity & Parenting Training
  • Emotional and Spiritual support by trained Counselors through pregnancy, as well as for women grieving miscarriage or abortion
  • Youth and Ladies Retreats – various topics available
  • Guest speakers for special event related to honoring life
  • Sunday morning sermon
    *All pregnancy services are free and confidential. Medical services are provided by licensed medical personnel.

Our Mission is to speak truth with love and compassion about abortion while walking in sexual integrity. Offering hope of eternal life and Christ’s healing power to wounded hearts. And sharing life-giving encouragement and education throughout a crisis pregnancy or pregnancy related issue. We hope to be able to provide our clients with all the above for the years to come and thank people like YOU who continue to make it possible.

THANK YOU again for your donations and continued support this year!