About Us


Cornerstone’s Mission is to help women choose physical life for their unborn children and eternal life for their own souls, to promote abstinence, and educate people about sexually transmitted diseases; and heal the broken hearts of those suffering the effects of a past abortion.

  • Speaking truth with love and compassion about abortion and walking in sexual integrity.
  • Offering the hope of eternal life and Christ’s healing power to wounded hearts.
  • Sharing life-giving encouragement and education throughout a crisis pregnancy.


Empowering individuals to embrace life-honoring choices.

These life-honoring choices go beyond saving the life of the baby, which is major and one of the prime reason we exist. It goes beyond the spiritual, emotional, perhaps even physical life of the mother, beyond the father who feels lost and abandoned by his own father and does the same to his child. It goes to the core of whom we are created to be, and, in whose image, we are created in. We are created in the image of the Most High God. We are called by Him to be vessels of honor for His splendor.

Cornerstone is helping to educate and equip a generation to make choices that honor the life God gave, the relationships they are in and the world around them. To recognize God’s word as being the only source of truth for life in this world, while understanding something may appear true it may not be God’s truth for them. Like abortion, it is true that abortion is legal, but it is not God’s truth for righteousness and holy living. The consequence of that choice, abortion, based on the world’s standard of what is a truth just leads to more death and destruction.