Thinking you could be pregnant?  Take our quiz to see if you might be! 


  1. Have you gotten your period this month?
    1. Yup, right on time!
    2. No, but my periods are super irregular, so it doesn’t surprise me.
    3. Not yet; it’s over a week late, but I did have some light spotting.
  2. Have you had sex since your last period?
    1. No.
    2. Yes.
  3. How tired are you right now?
    1. Wide awake.
    2. Funny you asked, I had to drink an extra cup of coffee this morning.
    3. Totally zonked!
  4. Ok, this might sound a little weird, but take a quick look at your breasts…
    1. Looking normal.
    2. Hm, my areolas look a bit darker than usual.
    3. Look the same… but now that I think of it, they have been kind of sore!
  5. How’s your mood been?
    1. Feeling fine.
    2. Two words: ON EDGE!
    3. You could say kind of cranky.
  6. How have your clothes been fitting?
    1. The same/haven’t noticed a difference.
    2. They feel tight, but I usually feel bloated after I eat bean burritos.
    3. I’ve gained two pounds and feel bloated, so you could say a little tighter than last week.
  7. Have you had an upset stomach?
    1. Not that I can remember.
    2. Certain foods have been making me nauseous.
    3. I threw up this morning… not sure if it was something I ate.
  8. Do you have increased vaginal discharge?
    1. Nope, not me.
    2. Yes, more than usual!
    3. Yes, and I’ve noticed it has a pinkish tint to it as well.
  9. Have you felt any of these symptoms lately: Headaches, more frequent trips to the bathroom, sensitivity to certain smells, or food cravings?
    1. Nope, I’ve honestly been feeling great!
    2. Yes, I can relate to at least one of those symptoms.
    3. Wow! Every. Single. One
  10. Have you taken a pregnancy test?
    1. No
    2. Yes; it was positive.
    3. Yes; it was negative.

If you answered b or c to any of the questions in the quiz, you may be pregnant, as these are common signs of pregnancy.  However, an online test like this can only tell you if it’s likely or not that you’re pregnant.  To be completely sure, the next step is to get a pregnancy confirmation test.  Pregnancy Resources at Cornerstone offers lab-grade pregnancy tests to you at no charge.  Schedule your appointment today by calling 717-442-3111 or by requesting an appointment online.  You can also read our blog post that gives more information on pregnancy symptoms, what your chances of getting pregnant are, and more.